Week 3.  



    You will discover:

    -Mind mapping

    -How to centre attention through visual aids, inclusive eye contact and pauses.

    -The credible and approachable look

    Activity material

    1st Activity

    How to mind map in 99 seconds.

    2nd Activity

    The weather forecast: watch the video and notice where you are looking when the question pops up.

    Notice again where you are looking in each image

    3rd Activity

    To underline an important point by adopting a serious look called credibility: looking more credible.

    To invite class participation adopy a more inviting look called approachability: looking more approachable.

    Practise by looking in the mirroring and becoming more credible and approachable.


    1st Activity

    Draw a mind map using this information.

    2nd Activity

    Observe this teacher.

    Questionnaire on her appproachable/credible behaviour.

    3rd Activity (Contributive)

    Using this guide film a short clip and a report of yourself using a mind map to manage a real or imaginary group. Send them to charisma@sinera.org. The author will analyse this and return detailed comments. (To participate in this activity make a small contribution by sending an Amazon voucher in your name to charisma@sinera.org)

    Extra material

    1. Mind mapping app for android phone.

    2. Read Visual Presentation article.

    3. Practise hand/eye coordination in front of a mirror then before a class group.