Week 1.  

Focusing Attention


You will discover

- what ‘non-verbal’ means,

- a straightforward model to understanding non-verbals

- how to focus attention at the beginning of a group session.


Activity material

1st Activity

What is non-verbal?

2nd Activity

Presenting the model and brief explanation of its meaning.

3rd Activity

How do you focus attention?



1st Activity

Try the verbal/non-verbal online test.

2nd Activity

Focusing attention summary

View an example in action

3rd Activity

Using this guide film a brief clip of yourself using the focusing strategy on a real or imaginary group. Send it to charisma@sinera.org. The author will analyse your performance and return detailed comments.

Extra material

1. Read Focusing article.

2. Practise the focusing strategy in front of a mirror then before a class group.