Week 2.  



    You will discover

    - A self-help ‘Learning to learn’ model

    - 8 Refinements to focusing pupil attention during a session

    - How to calibrate learning styles

    Activity material

    1st Activity

    How to learn to learn: Maslow model.

    2nd Activity

    8 Refinement items.

    3rd Activity

    Individual Learning styles


    1st Activity

    Test yourself on the refinements items.

    2nd Activity

    What's your learning style?

    3rd Activity (Contributive)

    Using this guide film a short clip of yourself using two Refinement strategies on a real or imaginary group. Send it to charisma@sinera.org. The author will analyse this and return detailed comments. (To participate in this activity make a small contribution by sending an Amazon voucher in your name to charisma@sinera.org)

    Extra material

    1.The importance of whispering. (Notice how the class responds by settling when the teacher speaks in a low volume.]

    2. Read Refinements article.

    3. Read The Guardian article criticising some classroom uses of learning styles.

    4.Practise one of the refinement strategies in front of a mirror then before a class group.